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NYC DJ Hero Justin Strauss Shares a Paradise Garage-Influenced Disco Mix

The city staple will play Kitsune's Disco Edition club night at Goodroom alongside Todd Edwards, Cassian, and more.
David Garber
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New Larry Levan Compilation 'Genius of Time' is a Perfect Introduction to the Greatest DJ Ever

Get ready for 22 tracks worth of disco, boogie, and house brilliance courtesy of the legendary Paradise Garage resident.
Josh Baines
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Danny Tenaglia Has Seen It All Behind The Decks

From Yoko Ono to overdoses, the New York legend talk about 30 years of DJing on the Rave Curious Podcast.
Joshua Glazer
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​The Legendary Paradise Garage is Coming to LA for One Night Only

Original residents Joey Llanos and David Depino will provide the soundtrack at the Hollywood Palladium next weekend.
Max Pearl
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Prins Thomas Readies A Massive, Three-Volume Tribute to Paradise Garage

The Norwegian nu-disco producer is unleashing a can of choice cuts, and it's called Paradise Goulash.
Joshua Glazer

Roger Sanchez on the Dance Record That Always Makes Him Cry: "I Felt Like I Was Floating"

How an original Chicago classic changed a New Yorker's life forever.
Roger Sanchez

Paradise Found: Regulars From New York's Most Legendary Nightclub Share Their Stories

28 years after the fabled club closed, the Paradise Garage gang reunited for one more dance.
Luis Nieto Dickens and Michelle Lhooq

From Studio 54 to a Bumper Car Birthday: the Legacy of Disco King Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano wasn't just present at the creation of dance music. He was the creation.
Steve Weinstein

A Night in Paradise: Stories From New York's Most Legendary Club

The Paradise Garage retold through the eyes of David DePino, Victor Rosado, Danny Krivit and Justin Berkmann.
Adam Bychawski

Danny Tenaglia’s Loft is As Awesome As You Wanted It To Be

In an exclusive tour, the New York nightlife legend walks us through the mementos of the past amid the trappings of his future.
Bruce Tantum

Dance Pride: The Gay Origins of Dance Music

From disco and house to pre-rave light shows, how a sexually-charged subculture created a music we all know and love today.
Joshua Glazer

Dispatch from the Most Beautiful Block Party in New York

Outside of the Paradise Garage on Sunday, a reminder that NYC nightlife's diversity was once its strength.
Max Pearl