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Your Facebook Activity Reveals a Lot About Your Drug Use

A recent study reveals how social media can detect—and help prevent—substance abuse.
Philipp Kutter
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There's Still A Lot of Money to Be Made in Dance Music, Report Says

The International Music Summit kicked off in Ibiza earlier today with its annual industry breakdown.
Krystal Rodriguez

How to Turn Yourself Into the World's Most Successful DJ Without Ever Mixing a Record

Music only accounts for about 7% of what you have to worry about when it comes to making it big.
Angus Harrison
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Eight Times Vine Captured the Angst and Ecstasy of Being an Electronic Music Fan

Our way of mourning the app’s impending demise.
Krystal Rodriguez
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Members of the House of Mizrahi Announce New Social Media Dance Competition

Dancers Shea and Omari have partnered with a new social media app Clapit to fly out someone to NYC.
Alexander Iadarola
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MØ, Flume, and How To Dress Well to Feature in Snapchat Media Brand Sweet’s Music Issue

The social media platform will allow viewers to get interactive.
Krystal Rodriguez
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JAWS' New Track Recreates the Dopamine Rush of Online Notifications

The track is off his forthcoming LP on Milan imprint Hundebiss.
Alexander Iadarola
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Detroit’s Populux is Now Permanently Closed Following Social Media Controversy

The founder says the incident was the last straw.
Krystal Rodriguez
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What Happens When DJs Take Facebook More Seriously Than Their Records?

Do thousands of likes really equate to thousands of fans IRL?
Tess Reidy
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Deadmau5 Apologizes to Fans in Open Letter After Shutting Down His Twitter Account

The artists says he has been struggling with depression and claims to be "far from emotionally stable."
Alexander Iadarola
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What Happens When Your Festival Costume Takes on a Life of its Own?

Wearing a costume has completely changed my life.
Rebecca Krauss

Scuba Explains His Joke About Giving Away Ketamine for Votes on RA's DJ Poll

"I think it makes everyone look silly, and it's divisive. We'd be better off without it."
Michelle Lhooq