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Bjork is "Hitting Walls" Thanks to Music Industry Sexism

"It's really like a boys' club."
Krystal Rodriguez

Roly Porter Wants to Soundtrack the Next 'Alien' Movie

How the London producer went from decimating dancefloors to crafting sc-fi soundscapes on his new album.
Gary Suarez
Haxan Cloak

The Haxan Cloak on His Electronic Drone Metal: "I Want to Be the Most Intense Thing on the Bill Wherever I Play"

We caught up with Bobby Krlic at Basilica Soundscape. He talked about collaborating with Björk, sonic warfare, and what he's working on next.
Greg Scruggs
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Listen to "Pandemic," The Bone-Rattling First Track Off Rabit's Debut Album

'Communion' ​promises to be the Houston producer's most politicized work yet.
Michelle Lhooq

Teens, Drugs, and HIV Jokes: Welcome to Witch House in Russia

Witch house is (still) huge in Russia—and it's kind of terrifying.
Michelle Lhooq

Holy Shit, Here's Björk's Mind-Altering Secret Set at Tri Angle Records' Anniversary Party

This one's for the true heads.
Michelle Lhooq
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Tri Angle Records' Secret Narrative of "Strange, Unknowable, Icky Things"

Ahead of Tri Angle's five-year anniversary party, founder Robin Carolan unpacks his label's brutal beauty.
Peter Kwang
A$AP Rocky:

RBMA Bring Their Taste-Making Chops to NYC for a Month-Long Festival

Spread across the trendiest parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the festival's 19 events will range from a Chairman Mao-moderated lecture by A$AP Rocky to a PC Music party at Bric House.
Ziad Ramley

Lotic: "If I Don't Say 'I'm Gay, I'm Black,' I'm Failing a Responsibility to Piss People Off"

The Berlin-based producer explains why his sonic ire is an act of rebellion.
Zach Sokol