Twin Peaks

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Moby Made a Cameo on 'Twin Peaks' Last Night

The American musician performed at the Bang Bang bar alongside previous David Lynch collaborator Rebekah Del Rio.
Alexander Iadarola
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Hudson Mohawke Played a New Song on 'Twin Peaks' Last Night

The Scottish musician performs an eerie unreleased track called "Human" at the Bang Bang bar, with Sky Ferreira in the audience.
Alexander Iadarola
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Hear Flying Lotus' Bass-Heavy Remix of the 'Twin Peaks' Theme

The Los Angeles producer has given Angelo Badalamenti's iconic work a percussion-heavy revision.
Alexander Iadarola
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Original 'Twin Peaks' Composer Angelo Badalamenti Will Return for 2017 Series

Badalamenti won a Grammy for his original soundtrack for the series.
Britt Julious

Moby, Jon Hopkins, Zola Jesus, and More On the Cultural Impact of David Lynch’s Music

Moby, Zola Jesus, Xiu Xiu, and more discuss the enduring cultural influence of the director's TV shows and films.
Max Mertens
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Trent Reznor and Sky Ferreira to Surface in Twin Peaks' 2017 Return

Chromatics' Ruth Radelet is also to participate in a mysterious, unnamed capacity.
Alexander Iadarola
Xiu Xiu

We Got Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart to Open Up About His 'Twin Peaks' Obsession

"There is no other show that is as horrifying, amusing, creative, unusual, funny, difficult, beautiful, odd, touching, inspiring, or detailed as Twin Peaks."
Tom van Haaren

Crate Expectations: Marc Houle

The Canadian live act shares the tracks that make up his minimal sound.
Marc Houle