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      Hamatsuki's New Track Is Raw, Dreamy House for Introspection

      March 9, 2017 5:00 PM

      Artwork by Artem Zaytsev

      Tbilisi producer Hamatsuki has today shared the latest track off his forthcoming Uncertain Loops EP, "Gum Sucks Urdia," ahead of its release tomorrow, March 10.

      Hamatsuki, one-half of leftfield house duo Slime Quest and a resident DJ at the city's top techno club, Bassiani, will be providing the fourth release for fledgling Polish label GASP Records. In line with previous releases from Räar, Outify, and Matt Finnegan, Uncertain Loops serves up six tracks of raw, dreamy house the label describes as being inspired by the beauty of the Georgian mountains.

      The uniquely titled "Gum Sucks Urdia" opens the EP on a serene and psychedelic note. Its lofty synths and brooding, mud-caked bassline provide a soothing counterpart to the eerie, dubbed-out spoken vocals that float idly in the background. It's an introspective track for hitting the open air and easing your mind, taking in the nature-filled scenery while asking yourself, "What do I want in life?"

      Listen to Hamatsuki's "Gum Sucks Urdia" below.

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