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      Michael Beharie Conjures Iridescent Balearic Nostalgia On "A Stone"

      May 17, 2016 6:50 PM

      Image courtesy of the artist

      Brooklyn-based artist, Michael Beharie, has shared a glisteningly plaintive new track off his forthcoming debut album Ray Like Morning on New York imprint Astro Nautico. "A Stone" finds him bringing a Balearic sense of airy melancholy to bear on a supple, lithe rhythmic framework, all bolstered by glassily ethereal synth textures. The release follows 2015's Lace EP, as well as his role as co-composer alongside Corwin Lamm for former Guggenheim fellow Rashaun Mitchell's "Light Years" dance performance that same year.

      "'A Stone' is one of the more understated, nostalgic tracks on the record," Beharie told THUMP via email. "The beat, made with the help of Bennett Kuhn, is a take on the Go Go rhythms that I heard as a kid growing up in DC but played on hand drums and shakers rather than on a full kit. I wanted there to be a lot of intimacy in the song—hands on drum skins, dry voices and open spaces."

      Ray Like Morning will see release on June 17.

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