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      Notes from the Underground: Boysnoize Records, Future Classic, Cole, POSSE, Spaceandtime

      September 9, 2015 6:50 PM

      Welcome to Notes from the Underground, THUMP's weekly premiere feature dedicated to shining a light on underground sonics from around the world. Every week, we'll start at the surface and dig deeper into the underground with each track.

      Madame - "Perc99" [Boysnoize Records]

      Uncompromising techno from Madame via Boysnoize Records, a label that defies expectations with every release. "Perc99" is a techno tune that demands your attention, driven by a stuttering kick drum pattern, rapid-fire, percussive synths, and relentlessly dark atmosphere.

      Cole - "Blooded" [Sweat Equity]

      "Pussy never felt like this, pussy feeling good," begins this sex-drenched bedroom track from Cole, the latest signing on weirdo NYC label Sweat Equity. Or is he saying "bussy"—gay slang for "boy pussy" (in other words: buttholes). According to Cole, it's ambiguous on purpose. "'Blooded' is an anthem of sexual versatility. Whose pussy/bussy is it? It depends on how you want to hear this song. You get to decide your own sexuality, gender, and point of perspective, then feel beautiful while you grind your way to climax.

      Basenji - "I Can't Get Enough" [Future Classic]

      Sounds like the opening song to a children's show about fuzzy little animals—"cutesy" doesn't even do justice to this track from young Aussie Basenji. Off his new EP Trackpad (named after the only instrument he used to make it), "I Can't Get Enough" features Brasstracks on the horns, and lots of high-pitched singing. "The song was really an exercise in trying to write a cute song," says the Sydney-based producer. "A lot of pop music at the moment is super synth heavy and I wanted to move away from that. I really don't think electronic music has to sound synthetic."

      Spaceandtime - "Shelter Me" [KROOKS]

      The first release from freshly formed Dutch duo Spaceandtime finds them sounding like the duo have been crafting their sound for decades. Aron Friedman and Eric de Man bring organic and electronic together with ease, and "Shelter Me," nearing ten minutes in length, peaks and valleys as the centerpiece of their to-be-released Desert Breath EP. Think Howling, just with less howling.

      POSSE - Gravity [Deep Root Records]

      This moody number comes from Brooklyn duo POSSE (Justin Rodriguez and Chris Lopez), and it's a textbook example of the effortless pairing of sexpot R&B vocals with twangy garage basslines. The duo explains: "We were aiming to create a feeling of duality and contrast between the lush cords and heavy drop, matched by a feeling of resolution when they all come together in the end."

      When 5AM - "Get in Love"

      Newfangled Worcester trio When 5AM drop their laid-back house tune "Get in Love" with far too much sunny swagger for a group from rainy England. This tune is what waking up next to your recently betrothed feels like. We think.

      Check 'em all out in one simple playlist:

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